We imagine to create, we create to inspire.

The experience of our creative team fuses art and science, tradition and technology, through formulations charged with intuition, a fusion of antagonistic elements that ensures we reinvent ourselves each season.

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We have a catalogue that is constantly being renewed, as well as absorbing the different techniques to create personalised designs for each client; designs that materialise in laminates, fabrics with sophisticated oxidised and explosive colours, embroidery, or handmade ornaments and trimmings.

Fabrics created from plastics collected from the sea.

Hilo de poliéster a partir de plásticos del mar.

Polyester is blended with eco-friendly fibres to create fabrics.

Water and energy saving finishes.

We are committed to the environment, the planet and its inhabitants.

tejidos natureales isisi Planet

Our new collection ISISI PLANET we use sustainable fabrics such as organic cottons (free of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides) or reciclados. We offer vegan products that do not use fibres or materials (dyes, glues, waxes, fats, oils and others) derived from animals, or that have not been tested on animals. We also use fabrics made from polyester obtained from plastic waste extracted from the sea.

Basic and functional fabrics and materials in specific lines

Linens and velvets, but also checks, stripes, corks... without renouncing to more sophisticated materials such as glitters, vinyls and synthetic raffias. In all of them the handmade processes are minimized or eliminated within the collection. ISISI ZERO, letting the fabrics show themselves off in a pure and elegant way, and allowing for quick availability and competitive prices.

Cer colección ISISI ZERO

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